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Aesthetic Clinic

Enhancing your natural beauty

About Regency Aesthetics - Swanage

Wrinkle And Fine Line Reducing Treatments, Fillers. Lip Fillers, Skin Needling, Sunekos, Dermaplaning, Million Dollar Facial.

Let us help boost your confidence with natural enhancements and skincare.


We are able to customise treatments accordingly to take into account your wishes, skin type, age and downtime restrictions.

We have a variety of treatments available to ensure we have the perfect treatment to meet your needs and wishes for skin and beauty.

At Regency Aesthetics we are passionate about enabling you to enhance your natural beauty with non-invasive procedures. Taking the time to make sure you are comfortable, ensuring privacy and confidentiality in a clinically clean Covid secure environment. Your safety is our priority.

When attending for your appointment we request you bring minimum baggage with you and attend wearing a facemask. When you arrive please contact the clinic via phone or by ringing the doorbell. 

The reception team will ask you some Covid -19 screening questions and your temperature will be taken.

Once the clinic room is ready, you will be invited into the building and asked to sanitise your hands. You will then be shown straight through to the consultation/treatment room

 Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, we operate a closed-door policy for your protection.

To contact the aesthetics clinic to book an appointment on either 01929 422515 or email

 Your health, along with that of our team, is of the utmost importance to us, so ahead of your appointment, we wish to share with you what measures we have put in place to protect you and keep you safe whilst you are here.

Following the completion of your treatment, we ask for you to sanitise your hands before we are able to safely accompany you back to the reception area and from the clinic. We thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time and be rest assured your safety is of paramount importance to us, which is why we have implemented these protocols.

Facial Aesthetics Regency Aesthetics Swanage Dorset


Having suffered from acne on and off for many months I went to see Vicki to discuss face peels. After a course of 6 face peels and Medi + homecare advised my acne was under control and my face feeling wonderful and soft.


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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

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