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Introduction To Regency Aesthetics

Swanage, Dorset

Welcome to Regency Aesthetics

Here at Regency Aesthetics, Dr Huw James BDS, MBA, DPDS, MSc, Vicki Coleman CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene, and Dr Sarah Deacon BDS are dedicated to providing outstanding non-surgical cosmetic treatments.


We deliver a discreet, professional, and confidential service to our clients, and pride ourselves on helping you feel good, look fabulous and embrace the aging process with confidence.

We are able to offer amazing treatments and are continually updating the services we provide.

As dental professionals, we are working with the head/face/mouth constantly and we are highly trained on the anatomy of the face, and therefore an excellent choice for your facial aesthetic treatments.


Contact us to book your Free Initial Consultation

Huw and Vicki offer a free initial consultation for all treatments.

We'll talk to you about your natural beauty and how we can enhance this to give you the look you desire and the confidence you deserve.

Clinicians Regency Facial Aesthetics Swanage Dorset

Dr Huw James

Dr Huw James started training in facial aesthetics in the 1980s and is experienced in providing anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers.


Huw is very skilled and able to create a fresh, relaxed more youthful you.


Huw is able to provide anti-wrinkle treatment, fillers and lip fillers.


Huw has developed these skills in facial aesthetics alongside his clinical work in dentistry including dental implants.

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Regency Facial Aesthetics Swanage Dorset

Vicki Coleman

Vicki started training in facial aesthetics in 2018 to complement the treatments carried out by Huw.


In addition to dental hygiene and dental whitening, Vicki is passionate about providing facial aesthetics and dedicated to helping our clients achieve great-looking, fresh, and healthy skin.

Vicki is able to provide Anti Wrinkle treatments, Lip fillers, treatment of hyperhidrosis, Skin Peels, Dermaplaning, Skin Needling; Collagen Induction Therapy and Sunekos to an advanced level, which includes under the eye area, Million Dollar Treatments and Hair Rejuvenation.

Vicki is a member of the BACPD ( British Association of Cosmetic Dental Professionals and ACE

Vicki is continuing her training to provide more services to the portfolio at Regency Aesthetics.

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Regency Aesthetics Swanage Dorset Vicki

Dr Sarah Deacon

Sarah Deacon started her aesthetic journey in 2021 alongside her love of dentistry. 

Sarah is able to provide wrinkle-reducing treatments and fillers.

Sarah is looking forward to developing knowledge and skills in facial aesthetics and is keen to provide natural-looking facial aesthetics. 

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Dr Sarah Deacon Regency Facial Aesthetic




Thank you Vicki for my botox. My heavy deep lines in between my eyes and forehead lines have diminished to leave a fresh-faced younger less stressed me. You totally put me at ease and I love your pink clinic. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again in 3 months.


I went to see Dr. James for cheek fillers. I had lost volume through aging and have spent time looking for the right treatment. The treatment was really comfortable to have and the surgery was spotless and clean and modern. (Also used as a dental surgery) The results are fantastic and I can't wait to start on my next treatment with Dr. James, I will soon have that 10 years younger look

Natural Beauty


After having my Million Dollar Facial, my skin felt immediately hydrated and I saw the results the very next day. My face looked and felt refreshed and glowing.


I had skin needling on my face as I felt my skin needed a bit of a freshen up, it was looking dull and tired. I am thrilled with my results, my skin is glowing again and so much smoother. I am already looking forward to my next session with Vicki for my Million Dollar Facial.


Having suffered from acne on and off for many months I went to see Vicki to discuss face peels. After a course of 6 face peels and Medi + homecare advised my acne was under control and my face feeling wonderful and soft.


I am really really delighted with my Sunekos treatment. I have seen a difference after just 1 session and it is amazing. My face feels hydrated and the lines between my nose and mouth have much reduced and I have more lift on my cheeks. Regency Aesthetics really goes above and beyond. Covid safe, clean, totally confidential, and the personal care is amazing. The perfect place for my cosmetic treatments.

Facial Aesthetics Swanage by Regency Aes

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

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