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Dental Whitening at Regency

Updated: May 26, 2021

Let me tell you about dental whitening for when we are able to go out and about without our masks!

Regency Aesthetics is at the home of Regency Dental, and dental whitening can only be carried out by qualified dental professionals so we are able to offer this to you as well as aesthetics.

Dental whitening is used to reverse years of everyday staining and darkening of the teeth, reducing mottling, tetracycline staining, and reducing the appearance of fluorosis and give you that brighter whiter smile that looks great and can literally boost your confidence!

Whitening works by using an oxidisation process, it actually whitens the inside of the teeth.

Using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide we are able to safely whiten and brighten the teeth using several systems at Regency Dental.

Teeth can be whitened using whitening trays (overnight, for 3-4 hours during the day or hourly depending on whitening gels used) or an "in-chair "whitening system; BlancOne.

(Touch or Click)

Home Whitening

The amount of time it takes to whiten the teeth can vary from person to person but its expected to take anything from 2 - 5 weeks using the whitening home trays.

Impressions are taken and whitening trays are made specifically to fit your teeth.

The gel is then placed into the whitening trays and worn overnight or during the day as advised.

Enamel of the teeth whiten well, but dentine, (areas of gum recession) does not whiten as successfully, although we still do expect some colour change here.

During whitening, it's advisable not to smoke, drink red wine, strongly coloured tea, coffee and foods.

Through each step of the whitening journey, you are monitored and checked to ensure you get great results safely.

Prices for at-home dental whitening starts at £300.00.

Enlighten @ Regency from £450.00

Enlighten Evolution from £560.00

In Chair Dental Whitening

BlancOne Touch is a new whitening system developed in Italy to be used in a simple and safe way.

Using carbamide peroxide 16% (Hydrogen peroxide 6%) the process is carried out in the surgery and can alter your teeth by up to 8 shades with a photochemical technology in which the carbamide peroxide is accelerated.

3 - 4 applications of the gel are applied to the "smile line" and a light is used to activate the gel for 8 minutes each time.

BlancOne Touch boasts no sensitivity, strongly coloured foods and drinks should be avoided for 48 hours following treatment.

Following this treatment a boost of Blancone Click is advised every 3 months to keep your new brighter /whiter shade of teeth.

BlancOne Touch from £225.00

BlancOne Click from £75.00

We offer a complimentary dental whitening consultation with Vicki, so please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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